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The following list is an old one.
There is a pause in production and product specifications have been modified.
Please see the NEW LIST


BA-3504 The Turret of Type-4 Chi-To
BA-3539IJA Improved Type-94 Tankkete Conversion Set
BA-3541IJA TYPE-2 HO-I(Product model)
BA-3561 VK-45.02(P) HINTEN
BA-3565IJA TYPE-4 SPG "Ho-Ro" (Late Product model)
BA-3581 VK-45.02(P) MITTE
BA-3548 IJA Dozer plate set for SHIN-HOTO
BA-3509 IJA Experimental TYPE-91 STK (main hull set)
BA-3501IJA EXPERIMENTAL 47mm Gun Turret


SA-3587 Tiger-II Vent pipe guard set (for TAMIYA and DML)
SA-3581 CHI-HA Transition version cover set.(for TAMIYA)
SA-3543 SHIN-HOTO , "IMPHAL"(for FM)@
SA-3537 7.5cm KwK40 L43 Basic Barrel set.
SA-3533 Type-94 tankette late produced special hull model.
SA-3531 PANTHER Barrel Base Plate.
SA-3530 Tiger-2 10.5cm/L68 Kwk Glatt Blende.
SA-3529 Tiger-2 10.5cm/L68 Kwk Getereten Blende.
SA-3528 Tiger-2 10.5cm/L68 Kwk Topf Blende.
SA-3527 PANTHER Mantlet lifting hooks set
SA-3526 PANTHER Basic barrel set
SA-3525 PANTHER Reinfoced mantlet (without barrel)
SA-3524 PANTHER Reinfoced mantlet (with barrel)
SA-3517 Tiger-2&1 Cupola Hatch Set. (Lot up)
SA-3516 PANTHER Narrow turret Rheinmetal planned model (without barrel)
SA-3515 PANTHER Narrow turret Rheinmetal planned model (with barrel)
SA-3514 Tiger-2 Range Beule(Armor cover of RangefinderSight.)
SA-3513 Tiger-2 LATE Type Upper Deck Panel Set(Deck Panel only)
SA-3512 IJN Short Barrled 12cm Gun conversion set for SHIN-HOTO
SA-3511 Tiger-2 LATE Type Upper Deck Panel Set(and Stabilizer Sight)
SA-3510 Tiger-2 LATE Type Front Fender Set
SA-3509IJA TYPE-5 Mk.2 75mm cannon
SA-3508IJA CHI-NU Mk.2
SA-3507 Tiger-2 LATE Type Hull Hatch Set(for DML)
SA-3506 Tiger-2 LATE Type Hull Hatch Set(for TAMIYA)
SA-3505 5cm KwK39 L60
SA-3504Upper hull, back armor plate of CHI-HA(for FM)
SA-3503Upper hull, frontal armor plate of CHI-HA(for FM)
SA-3502 1 4.7 TKA(II)@
SA-3501 1 4.7 TKA(I)@


Scotts Lied

HLJ isn't a dealer of our company items.
HLJ has sold any products, does not matter to us.
Packages are different.
HLJ produced products illegally in the midst of the confusion.
And HLj sold the illegal product.
HLJ is the liar shop
which distorts fact.
So dealings with HLJ have been ended from us in summer of 2008.
They announced the lie information and pretended to be the person with a strong sense of justice afterwards.
But, HLJ is the root of various crimes, and to be arrested.

HLJ is shame of hobby industry.
The meaning of "HLJ" is "Hards Liar Judas"