Maschinen-ojisan and HLJ distorts fact.

Our company is not a manufacturer of mk2001.02.04 and SA-2001 kit.
These goods were stocked and sold from other manufacturers.
They explained to me, "These products are regular goods".
Our company did not know there was no sales authorization in these goods.
There was a report from the person concerned on July 10, 2008.
He explained to me. "There is no sales authorization in those commodities. "
This fearful information couldn't be believed immediately.
And, he spoke continuously.
"I informed hlj of the fact in January, 2008. "
Confusion has just increased to this information.
Because, at time in July from January. the question on this matter did not come from HLJ.

HLJ knew the sales authorization was not in these goods in January, 2008.
But HLJ hid fact, and kept selling these goods.

HLJ isn't a dealer of our company items.
HLJ is the liar corp which distorts fact.
So dealings with HLJ have been ended from us in summer of 2008.
HLJ is shame of hobby industry.

M-OJISAN is a cowardly liar.
He concealed information disadvantageous to the HLJ and his.
and distorted fact to protect the HLJ and himself.