BA-3502 @PRICE.....3809 YEN

Vehicle description
Development of the vehicle which supports Type-97 Chi-ha tanks was ordered in spring of 1939.
The first directions were presupposed "The Gun of 75mm class is carried in the battle room of a fixed formula." And one vehicle in which "Type-90 75mm field Gun" was carried by type-97 tanks was made as an experiment in 1941.
This is "Type-1 SPG(experimental model)".
However, on the other hand, the command with "carry a gun in turret which can circle" was also taken out.
Hitachi made one another type as an experiment from Type-97 tanks 1941 in April according to this command.
This is "Experimental Type-2 Fire support tank"
Two completed trial production vehicles were compared. As a result, the "Offensive strength to armor vehicles" of "Type-1 SPG" was expected, and "Type-2 Fire support tank" became a rejection.
However, one new technology was brought about by Germany these days.
It is a "Hollow-charge cartridge."
It enabled "Type-2 Fire support tank" to destroy armor vehicles by adoption of this Hollw-charge cartrige.
And although it was only 30 sets, it was mass-produced in 1944.
The contents thing of a product.
The example of an assembly.

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